Cave diving explorations of spring Bistrac in Desmerice

authors: Petra Kovač Konrad, Vedran Jalžić, Branko Jalžić

Cave diving explorations of the spring started in 2004. by Branko Jalžić (SO HPD Željezničar) and Ivica Čukušić (SO PDS Velebit). Continuous explorations began in 2006.

Continuous explorations began in 2006. by Branko Jalžić, Vedran Jalžić, Petra Kovač-Konrad, Zvonimir Švrljuga, Matej Mihailovski, Igor Vrhovec, Uroš Ilić, Robert Baković, Iva Šklempe-Kokić, Dražen Kunović i Nenad Buzjak. Spring is situated in village Desmerice, in Ogulin Zagorje.

Jezero u kojem se nalazi ulaz u kanal
Lake with canal entrance

There are three entrances in the spring, one bigger one and 2 small ones. There are situated in the sides of a small lake from which stream Bistrac is flowing. In the lake there is a lot of waste and a few mines.

Otpad u izvoru
Waste in spring
Speleološki topografski nacrt -tlocrt
Speleological survey -plan
Speleološki topografski nacrt -profil
Speleological survey -profile

The first part of submerged channel is quite narrow with sudden turns, after 30 m depth there is another channel-Meander.

V. Jalžić u Meandru
V. Jalžić in Meander

The channel has elliptic cross section. The main channel has wide but low cross section. On the bottom the sediment is rounded pebbles, on the sides there is a fine grained sediment. The spring is 500m explored, part of it is only mapped due to large depth, low temperature of the water (9 ˚C) and long decompression times.

Čovječja ribica u izvoru Bistrac
Proteus anguinus in Bistrac spring